Southern MD Winter auto maintenance checklist

southern-md-winter-auto-maintenance-checklist Do you really need winter car maintenance? Yes, that’s especially necessary because the driving conditions are worse than any other time of the year. Making sure that you check everything works adequately is a crucial thing to keep in mind. There are many different things you should include in your winter car maintenance list, and here are some of the best.

Battery and charging system

You want the battery to be fully charged or at least it should have enough energy in it. Ideally you want to go to a technician to see and test the battery just to be safe. It will help prevent any possible issues that can sometimes arise in a situation like this.

Engine hoses

It’s a good idea to check the cooling system hoses too. Here you want to see if there are loose clamps, cracks, leaks or anything like that. You can also squeeze the hoses so you can figure out if there’s a spongy feeling or not with them. It will give you a good idea whether they need to be replaced or not.

Tire pressure and treads

We recommend you to shift to winter tires. On top of that, you should also check the tread depth, if you have less than 3/32 inches of tread then you need to replace the tires. If you end up with uneven wear on your tires, that brings wheel balance problems and suspension issues too. The tire pressure needs to be checked too. Most vehicles have tire pressure levels on a sticker right on the door jamb on the driver’s side.

Check the coolant

Good coolant can help you prevent freezing and it will help you keep your engine running in a very good way. There are coolant testing kits you can use to see if you need to work on it or not. That will help a lot, so you may want to take it into consideration.

Fill the wiper fluid

Since the winter visibility is not the best, you want to make sure that there’s enough wiper fluid. It might not seem like a major thing to focus on, but you should do it nevertheless as it will help. Also, check the performance of your wiper blades, you might have to replace those.

Replace the brake pads

This is not a mandatory thing to do, but you will notice that replacing the brake pads will be a very good idea especially if you have bad road conditions. It’s one of the most important winter car maintenance tasks.

Restore the headlights

Cleaning/restoring the headlights is a simple process, but it’s one of the winter car maintenance tasks that you need to do every year. You want to have the best visibility on the road, so cleaning the headlights is a crucial aspect to keep in mind.

We recommend you to use all these great winter car maintenance tips as quickly as possible. Preparing your car for winter and performing the necessary maintenance tasks can really help you immensely. Use that to your advantage and give these winter car maintenance tasks a try right away!


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